Forest school and experience centre

Become a student with your child again at the Bucka-Lak Forest School

it is a marvellous natural location in the right vicinity of a cozy forest and a fascinating lake.




Astronomic knowledge, observation of the stars Night hiking, search for fireflies. Insight into the world of the Universe and the stars. Studying amateur telescopes. With a guided tour you can get to know the constellation and you can learn a lot about astronomy via presentations and discussions.

20,000 HUF in case of the booking for at least 4 people and additional 2,000 HUF for each person from the fifth person.


Boat ride in the harbour bay, free of charge

In the harbour next to the Bucka-Lak, free-of-charge boats are waiting for our guests. The boats work with real renewable energy, as they have only oars to propel. 


Group ship trip

During the one-hour trip, on a safe and open catamaran-type ship you can travel almost the whole lake to get to know its beauties. 25,000 HUF for 1-12 people.


Cooking in the nature

You can get to know the cooking of traditional meals. We introduce you simple but very delicious specialities. These are the most suitable meals to impress your family at home. Baking potato scone, kneading dough for bread and various local food specialities can also be made, if requested by you.



The Lake Rétközi has multiple possibilities for fishermen. We provide various possibilities for everyone independently of age and sex. The water surface of 400 hectares provides possibilities to fish by every fishing style. Our separate lake for fishing with floater is waiting for our guests with power sockets, platforms and drinking water, while the spinner fishermen in boats can get unique experiences during the exploration of such a large water surface. To check the ticket types and the terms and conditions of fishing, see the Facebook site of the Lake Rétközi and the contacts found there.


Fishing school

The young fishermen in the camp can learn the theoretical and practical aspects of fishing in a playful and amusing way, learn new fishing styles, get to know the environment and nature, take part in fishing show or competition and can fish, fish and fish. Training in the school is performed by skilled or sometimes professional fishermen who tell you stories about the world of professional fishing competitions as a part of fishing school. You can learn the fishing of predatory and non-predatory fish with different styles and if necessary, you can get an insight into fishing on a boat as well.

Period: 8 hours (2 hours of theory, 2 hours of practice, 4 hours of joint fishing with the tutors), 15,000 HUF for 1 person, 22,000 HUF for 2 people, 29,000 HUF for 3 people, 35,000 HUF for 4 people. For more than 5 people or in case of a demand of several days, a special price is offered.


Craftsman sessions

The aim of the session is to improve the manual skills and creativity of children. Nature and environmental consciousness have central role. Sessions are tailored to the skills of the children: beading, tie-dyeing, spinning, weaving, making decoration ornaments, making pictures, embroidery, candle making, plaster casting, making jewellery, making photos. To make useful and nice things with your own hands and together is always an experience. From the objects made, an exhibition is organised to increase the sense of achievement of children. Free time is made varied with a lot of movement, merry games, team races and games of skills. If possible, every programme is performed outdoors, in the fresh air. It is important for us to let the children during the craftsman sessions hear as many times as possible about the importance of renewable energy and we try to use renewed or renewable materials during the sessions.


Horse-drawn wagon ride

Get to know the beauties in the light of renewable energy by a naturally propelled vehicle, in a carriage or in a traditional lowland wagon.

Carriage for 2-3 people, lowland wagon for 4-12 people.


Sunset tour - ship trip

The Lake Rétközi offers a marvellous sight even from the lakeside, but it is even more marvellous, if seen during a ship trip. The experience is increased on, if it is watched during favourable weather conditions, in the hour before sunset. The ship trip is always held with a tour guide who explains in details the history of the lake and introduces its flora and fauna.

At most 1.5 hours 40,000 HUF/occasion


Tour with a motorboat and a tour guide

To get to the most beautiful parts of the Lake Rétközi and to merge with the untouched nature, this trip is the best choice, since you can see everything at close range. With the help of our specialist tour guide we endeavour to fill the trip with real experiences by showing everything about the real nature.

2 adults + 2 children or at most 3 adults. 6,000 HUF/hour


Adventure in the Rétköz - survivor training - performance experience tour

The adventure in the Rétköz, as seen from its name offers unique programmes in Hungary, which, by making use of the characteristics and features of the Rétköz area, provides our guests active recreation and guaranteed fun.


The survivor training is a natural programme providing you Robinson Crusoe-like experiences in an island of the lake to let you feel as a real survivor. 4 hours: 15,000 HU/person, 1 day (8 hours): 20,000 HUF/person, 2 days (with a night spent outdoors): 28,000 HUF/person


The performance tour is a so-called star-tour which may be a simple experience tour or a performance/experience tour coloured by the cope with tasks. 4 hours: 8,000 HUF/person, 1 day (8 hours): 15,000 HUF, 2 days (with a night spent outdoors): 25,000 HUF/person. In case of booking of groups (at least 3 people) we offer you a discount.


Auxiliary possibilities:

Canoe trips in beginner or advanced level (even as a training category)

Team-building training: recommended for families, companies, classes and various working groups. Various aquatic and land programmes, games with lots of experiences. (e.g.: air-soft)


Price of the auxiliary possibilities: 4000 HUF/person/hour


Bacon fry or grill with charcoal

Bacon fry or grill outdoors are unavoidable programme of a trip for children and adults as well. If we get the demands in time, we ensure every condition necessary. Price is confirmed depending on demands.


Rent a bike

For half a day: 2,500 HUF/pc

For a whole day: 3,500 HUF/pc