Forest school and experience centre

Become a student with your child again at the Bucka-Lak Forest School

it is a marvellous natural location in the right vicinity of a cozy forest and a fascinating lake.

About us



It is an imposing forest school and experience centre where numerous programmes are waiting for our guests. You can find us in the forest embracing the Lake Rétközi with an area of 400 hectares, right at the lakeside, in a real natural environment.

By turning off the main street connecting Szabolcsveresmart and Kékcse, close to Kisvárda, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, Hungary a paved service road of 800 m indicated by a board leads you to us.

It is an important aim for us to let more and more people become aware of the methods of the harmonic cohabitation of people and nature, the ecological footprint of people and the possibilities of the decrease thereof. Our aim is to let both the building and the time spent here with wholesome programmes contribute to the environmentally conscious attitude.

Our accommodation has 9 rooms suitable for 1-4 people each. Each room has an own bathroom. Each room has a terrace facing the Lake Rétközi to ensure a unique relaxation experience for our guests.

In addition to the accommodation, we offer you highly exciting and adventurous experience programmes. It is you to select from the programmes we offer to decide how to make use of your time with us.

The building naturally fits into its environment by considering the topographic characteristics of the Lake Rétközi and does not influence significantly the biota of the environment.

The attractive external appearance covers a marvellous internal world changing today’s demands to a close-to-nature reality.

The pleasant internal environment of the underground forest school is facilitated in addition to the use of the state-of-the-art construction materials by the landfill as a natural thermal insulation and the unique controllability of this internal environment is ensured by cooling and heating with soil probes and heat pump, without fossil fuels.

The lighting domes lead natural light into the building by ensuring a unique lighting to the unlimited sense of space of the arched corridor, without the use of energy.

Electricity for the Bucka-Lak is ensured by the solar panels located next to the building, which provide sufficient electricity for the whole operation of the forest school.

Every day, the accommodation can be occupied from 15:00 every day and must be left until 10:00 on the day of departure.

Meals: every day, between 11:00 and 22:00 food can be ordered from the Pe-Ba Pizzeria via the phone number +36 20 314 10 62.

Visit us to let us show you the secrets of the technical operation of a passive house with a close-to-zero energy demand.

Bucka-Lak in pictures